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Wasps, Spiders, and Ants!

At E-town Exterminating our approach to pest control services offers you long-term solutions. After we take care of your pest infestation, we will thoroughly examine your property or facility to prevent future infestations and achieve long-term pest control for general pests. We can help you with all general pests including exterminating roaches in Kentucky, ant exterminating in Kentucky, beetle extermination in Kentucky, and more.


E-town Exterminating has programs in place that can address all of your pest control issues.  We offer programs for both residential and commercial properties and will tailor a program to suit your needs.  The Pest Control programs we offer include:


- Monthly

- Bi-monthly

- Semi-monthly

- Quarterly


Your pest control appointment will be scheduled with a state certified bonded technician. If extra services are necessary, they will be provided at no additional charge.

Our customized Integrated Pest Management Programs for single and multi-family homes, factories, restaurants, offices, day cares, hospitals, nursing homes, & schools can take care of general pests and insects such as:


- Ants

- Roaches

- Mice

- Crickets

- Flies

- Rats

- Wasps

- Beetles


We also take care of uncommon pests like:


- Brown Recluse Spiders

- Hornets

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Pest control services for termites, spiders, ants, mice, flies, rats, wasps, beetles, roaches, mosquitoes, crickets, general pests, and moles in residential and commerical properties, such as hospitals, nursing homes, medical facilities, manufacturing plants, and schools. E-town Exterminating is proud to serve Elizabethtown, Vine Grove, Radcliff, Brandenburg, Meade County, Grayson County, Nelson County and so many more.