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Mole Control in Kentucky

E-town Exterminating has a safe and effective treatment program that will rid your property of a mole infestation.The initial evaluation involves a review of the property and surrounding area. This step helps determine the most active areas and develop a plan of action. Following the initial evaluation, our team member will return to your property to confirm the most active areas and treat the site for mole control.


Mole Facts
Moles are insectivores.  They are not rodents.  They will consume grubs and insects, but get the vast majority of their dietary needs from earthworms.


Moles have an incredibly high metabolism.  This means they have an insatiable appetite and are always on the lookout for food.  In fact, they consume 80%-100% of their body weight every day.


Moles use/create tunnel systems as the means to locate food.  They can move rapidly through existing tunnel systems, but can also create up to 100 feet of new tunnels in a day… causing extensive lawn and landscape damage.


Moles do not hibernate and are active year-round.


Moles are anti-social and typically do not coexist within the same tunnel system.  The one exception is for reproduction.  Moles typically breed in late winter/early spring.  After the young are weaned – 7-12 weeks after breeding -  you are likely to see the highest level of activity. 


Moles live their lives underground, rarely coming to the surface.  Expected life span for a mole is approximately 2-3 years. 


Moles will reoccupy a vacant tunnel system if food is abundant.

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